City is officially opposed to State Question 777

At its most recent meeting on Monday, July 11, the Edmond City Council formally passed a resolution opposing State Question 777 (Oklahoma Right to Farm). Resolution No. 18-16 lays out the reasons for opposition to the proposed question.

Letters to the Editor

Protecting right to change laws

Oklahoma is home to 78,000 farming operations that cover 34.2 million acres, more than three-fourths of the total area. Those farms produce more than $7.1 billion of products each year, more than $5.2 billion of that in livestock and poultry, making Oklahoma the 11th-largest livestock producing state and 23rd-largest ag-producing state.


Animal Lovers Unite

When Oklahomans hear “right to farm,” we immediately think of family farms and generational growers of chickens, cows and crops. The three words undeniably elicit emotion tied to our pioneering spirit, heartland traditions and our deeply held democratic convictions about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

About the Issue

State Question 777 is a threat to Oklahoma. Family farmers, voting rights, our voices, and even basic protections for animals are at risk. We need to stand up to corporate interests and foreign corporations to ensure Oklahomans have a fair say in what happens on our state's lands. We can't let corporations use "right to farm" as an excuse to harm our lands, weaken our state's traditional agricultural standards, and remove our ability to protect our land, our animals, and our environment.

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